Fujichrome Film Range

Velvia 50 (RVP)

Velvia 50

With its ultra high saturation, extremely fine grain and intensely vivid colours...

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Velvia 100 (RVP)

Velvia 100

Employs new technologies to deliver finer grain and twice the speed while...

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Velvia 100F (RVP)

Velvia 100F

Brings the high impact, exceptionally saturated colour of Fujifilm's...

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Provia 100F (RDP III)

Provia 100F

With the sharpest & smoothest performance of any 100 ISO colour film in the world...

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Provia 400X (RXP)

Provia 400X

Daylight-type, high-image-quality colour reversal film with an ISO speed rating of 400...

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