Fujichrome Film Range - Velvia 50

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With its ultra high saturation, extremely fine grain and intensely vivid colours, Velvia 50 has been a favourite of photographers for many years.

Due to the unavailability of vital raw materials, Fujifilm were forced to halt production of the emulsion in 2005. Since then, the research and development teams at Fujifilm in Japan have been working hard to develop substitute raw materials and new manufacturing technologies that have made it possible to restart the production of this famous transparency film.

The characteristics of the new Velvia 50 will mirror that of the previous product. The new Velvia 50 is available from August 2007 in the following formats: 35mm, 120, 4" × 5" sheet and 4" × 5".

Product Benefits

  • The highest in saturation, intensely vivid colours, high contrast
  • Extremely fine grain (RMS 8)
  • Perfect for landscapes, nature and commercial photography



Film Speed


VELVIA 135 - 36 EX



VELVIA 135 - 36 EX (10 PACK)



VELVIA 120 (5 pack)



VELVIA 5" x 4" Sheet - 20 SHEET BOX